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    The Magic of Alterations

    How many times have you tried on clothes and you think to yourself “well this fits fine, the hem is a little long and the sleeves are past my knuckles, but you know, I can make it work.” That is such an unfair way to think! You deserve to have clothing that fits properly and makes you feel wonderful. Although clothing comes in different sizes, everyone’s body is shaped completely different and your clothes should be adjusted to you. 

    People often have misconceptions about tailoring and might think that they are not practical for your wardrobe, but let me tell you, you might be wrong. We’ve gathered a few pointers that will help negate the myths behind tailoring. 

    1. Tailoring is for everyone. When you think about getting something altered, you probably imagine an uptight seamstress or a tailor in a suit working on the rich and famous. That is not the case at all. It is as easy as calling and “making an appointment for a fitting.” You come in, they take a look at the piece you want altered,and they let you know what they can do for you.
    2. However, don’t wait until the last minute. You wouldn’t call your hairstylist the day before to get you in the next day, right? The same goes for your seamstress, and if yours is anything like Roxanne (the wonderful owner of Renee’s) then you know she is busy, busy, BUSY. Turnaround time depends highly on the item and the wear date, if any. Normally 3-5 days for basic alterations and 2-3 weeks for more intricate work (this includes wedding gowns.) Of course, these are all estimates and it depends on how much work your tailor has on their plate.
    3. Your tailor is not a miracle worker. Many times we have this idea that a tailor can fix ANYTHING. It doesn’t always work that way. Things like adding extra fabric, removing from one place to add to another, adding a slit, etc. These all sound pretty “practical” but it is not that easy. A tailor will strive to please you without ruining the integrity of the piece. Therefore, it is important to keep an open mind and realize that you might not get EXACTLY what you want, but that doesn’t mean you won’t look amazing. 
    4. Please buy the right size. The purpose of altering a piece is so that it fits your body properly. You might be tempted to buy a dress that is a couple sizes too big or too small but do not make that mistake. Certain clothing only has a tiny bit of room to be let out and if you buy something that is way to big, you risk ruining the look of the piece. Working at a bridal shop, we’ve seen many horror stories of brides going elsewhere and being sized incorrectly OR being sold a stock piece that is 4 sizes too big for the selfish purpose of getting rid of it. Sure, you can come to us and we’ll gladly help you, but know that is the easiest way to rack up your alteration bill. Definitely do your research before making any big purchases. 
    5. Your tailor is not trying to scam you. The easiest way to find out about pricing is to give your tailor a call but know those are all estimated prices. Do not be surprised if you go in for your fitting and the price changes. Just like taking a car to your mechanic, your only going to get an estimate until they actually diagnose it.
    6. Tailoring is an investment. You might wonder if you really want to spend the extra money on top of the initial purchase. But having clothes that fit to your body type can help change the way you look at yourself.  We’ve all heard the term “you should be wearing the clothing; the clothing shouldn’t be wearing you.” Having clothes that fit properly is definitely a confidence booster and it makes your wardrobe look more “high end.” At the end of the day, your lifestyle and career play a huge part on determining if alterations are right for you. But remember, you are worth the alterations. You deserve to have clothes that fit perfectly and make you feel wonderful and attractive. 

    For all your alteration needs give us a call at (575) 521-0872

    Featured Photo by: Jasper K. Photography

  • Photoshoots

    Enchanting NM Styled Shoot

    There is nothing more charming than a southwestern wedding. Dive into these photos and explore the elegance that these rich colors and prints bring to this desert photoshoot. Each setting captivates a classic New Mexican look. Watch to see how every element of this shoot came together with the help of local vendors.

    We love how much detail each local vendor put into this shoot to make it perfect. Inspired by the beautiful landscapes in our very own desert, we know you will enjoy these photos as much as we do!

    Details on participating vendors are listed below the wonderful photos!

    Turquoise is New Mexico’s state gem.
    This vibrant color pairs well with a variety of shades, making it easy to use for any season of the year. While taking advantage of the natural beauty the desert already provides for us, we were able to incorporate bright colors such as turquoise to pop nicely with the settings chosen.

    Model is wearing Allure Bridal, available in our store. The fresh greenery in the bouquet allowed for an elegant and naturally gorgeous contrast with her gown. Big bouquets are gaining popularity- we love how the flowers are placed at different heights and angles, creating a stunning yet raw ensemble.

    All natural hair pieces? Yes!


    How gorgeous are these Southwest feels?! The white walls provide lots of wiggle room for decor.

    Model is wearing Jim’s Formal Wear, available in store and online for rentals and purchases. We love this tuxedo look paired with a beautiful, all natural boutonniere. This is a great option for grooms who don’t want a traditional pocket square.

    Incorporating calligraphy signs in your wedding could be the final personal touch needed to complete your decor.

    The people who made it all happen!
    Thank you to all of these local vendors for contributing to this exciting shoot.


    Tuxedo & Dress: Renee’s Bridal Boutique
    Floral: Calhoun Flowers
    Calligraphy: Letters and Such
    Photography: Taylor D Photography
    Cake: Let Them Eat Cake
    Jewelry: Heather Richman
    Make up: Brenda Tarango
    Rentals/Dinnerware: Enchanted Occassions Event Rentals
    Decor Rentals: Three Sisters
    Venue: Los Portales Venue – El Paso, TX

  • Featured Weddings

    Jenna + Jeremy – September 3rd, 2017

    Young love is magical and full of passion. In September, we had the honor of working with Jenna & Jeremy to plan the day they have been dreaming of. Take a look at these photos to preview their romance in this whimsical wedding day.

    The natural and simplistic colors that were incorporated represented these two lovers perfectly.

    As you can see by now, Jenna is a natural beauty. We absolutely love her taste, as it represents the person she is behind all of the glam. Her graceful look is a nice reminder that true beauty comes from the inside!

    We loved how Jenna & Jeremy incorporated not only personal parts of their lives into this day, but more light-hearted elements as well. Jeremy is a basketball coach and he couldn’t help but add a little basketball flare into the reception! Perfect combination of elegant and fun.

    Dress: Renee’s Bridal Boutique
    Partial Decor: Elegant Events & Invitations 
    PhotographerSouthwest Creative Co.

  • Featured Weddings

    Lindsay + Alex – June 10th, 2017

    Summer has come and gone now, but we can’t stop obsessing over this gorgeous wedding! Over a year ago, Lindsay and Alex walked into Renee’s and started their wedding planning journey with us. We had a blast spending time getting to know this couple and helping them create the wedding of their dreams. Summer weddings are always a crowd favorite, but this couple reminded us just why that is. Take a look at their fairytale weekend spent at a private ranch outside of Silver City, New Mexico. 

    Getting Ready

    Wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses are all from Renee’s Bridal Boutique.

    Diane’s Restaurant provided the cake and even finished up decorations by hand at the venue to ensure ultimate freshness.

    The groom looked sharp wearing a classic Jim’s Formal Wear tuxedo, which is available at our boutique online and in-store. This timeless black and white look never fails to make any groom look dapper. These colors photograph well with any setting and allow more freedom for decor, creating a polished appeal.


     We were able to create a gorgeous backdrop for Lindsey and Alex to exchange their vows. From the rustic doors to the hanging flowers, this display created a seamless combination of dreamy and natural- illustrating this couple’s romance in it’s truest form. 

    These two looks say everything. How every bride wants to be seen by the important men in her life!


    Because the venue this couple chose created a stunning view already, we simply added some final touches that highlighted the elegance within the existing natural beauty. The extra roses and personalized embellishments turned this gorgeous ranch into a romantic estate.

    Sometimes the details are what make your decor complete.
    We added our finishing touches to surrounding trees by hanging flowers and lights.

    No guest left thirsty at this entertaining bar!


    Dress: Renee’s Bridal
    Tuxedos: Renee’s Bridal
    Photographer: Melissa J. Koko Natural Light Photography
    Planner: Elegant Events & Invitations
    Floral: Barb’s Flowerland
    Diane’s Restaurant
    Hair and Makeup: Studio One Six
    Entertainment: Chris Baker Band

  • Featured Weddings

    Monique + Frankie – October 7th, 2016

    Traveling all the way from California, Monique and Frankie knew that going back to their hometown for their wedding was going to be filled with nostalgia, fun, and of course, a whole lot of romance. This special day brought out every side of this amazing couple- from the fancy flowers to the cowboy boots! Surrounded by family and friends, Monique and Frankie celebrated their day at the Farm and Ranch Museum in Las Cruces, NM in style.

    The flower crown is a non-traditional accessory for brides that is gaining popularity. Tying in these types of natural elements brings out a feminine yet organic look for brides. Can never go wrong with gorgeous flowers!

    Her smile says it all!

    This couple was so fun to work with. As you can tell from these stunning photos, they are crazy about each other!

    The Organ Mountains created a beautiful backdrop to tie the knot.
    Call us for more info about wedding arches like this custom one we created.

    Live music can make your event unforgettable. Monique and Frankie ended their fairy-tale day with an authentic performance from a mariachi band. Lovely!


    Decor & Day-Of Coordination: Elegant Events & Invitations
    Melissa J. KoKo Photography