This month we’d like to highlight our sister company, Brides ‘N’ Baubles. With only a few months in business, it is definitely taking off. Bride gifts, bridesmaid proposal boxes, customized shirts, hangers, wine glasses, tumblers.. anything cute and bridal related, Brides ‘N’ Baubles can customize it! Roxanne Kidd decided to start this business by popular request. Considering we already offer wedding gowns, tuxedos, event planning/coordination, rentals, alterations, invitations, the list goes on… why not add

Summer Traveling Trunk Show

Posted by reneesbridalnm on  July 12, 2019

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We love packing up our store and taking it up to Albuquerque. So guess what? We’re doing it again for the second time this year! We could not be any more excited! So what can you expect at our show? We’ll give you a few details of the day. When and where? Isleta Resort and Casino 11000 Broadway Blvd SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87105 Saturday, July 27th from 10AM-5:00PM Yes, we are literally packing up our store
Being from New Mexico we already know trends seem to get to us a lot later than everyone else. For all things trendy and over the top, we got you covered. We had the pleasure of interviewing one of our favorite wedding stylists. This husband/wife duo are taking over the industry with their out of box ideas. Although they are a duo, we all know who the creative brain behind the styling is. Dive in
November was great month at Renee’s. We had the pleasure of helping Adriana live out her wedding with the man of her dreams. Adriana has been part of our Renee’s family for quite some time and assists in the wedding coordinating side of things. So when it came time to plan her wedding, she was no stranger to the industry. Funny thing is, she became a Renee’s bride, before joining our crazy family. Adriana said
With lovers day right around the corner we knew we wanted to do something in the spirit of the holiday. If you know any of us at Renee’s, traditional is not what we do, so when we were thinking of the perfect collaboration, we knew it had to be “dark.” We imagined black candles, dark makeup, pops of deep red, all tied together by the simplicity of an elegant gown. We quickly knew who to