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    Styled Shoot: Valentine Turned Goth

    With lovers day right around the corner we knew we wanted to do something in the spirit of the holiday. If you know any of us at Renee’s, traditional is not what we do, so when we were thinking of the perfect collaboration, we knew it had to be “dark.” We imagined black candles, dark makeup, pops of deep red, all tied together by the simplicity of an elegant gown.

    We quickly knew who to turn to for design and styling, Drunk on Decor. Lilli Hayner knew exactly what we were looking for and who better to capture our vision than the very own Jazmine Rubio. The rest just fell into place. Indulgence blessed us with the most beautiful (and absolutely delicious) masterpiece of a cake. Adriana, owner of Letters and Such ,provided her gorgeous calligraphy, and Desert Modern Florals worked their flower magic and put together the perfect bouquet!

    For this shoot we styled Whitley in a simple, yet elegant gown. This Allure features a gorgeous, halter tie back, a crepe skirt and a attractive, extra low back. Whitley did her own makeup (stunning, I know). Ashley Apodaca handled her gorgeous, red mane.

    Derek wore our Grey Portofino rental from Jim’s Formal Wear. We love the the contrasting black, satin lapels that give this tuxedo a super clean, tailored look.

    Jazmine Rubio Photography always fabulous, always killing it!

    The back on this dress is our favorite! We love the delicate straps and the super low back.

    Desert Modern Florals had the perfect concept for this bouquet down to the black ribbon.

    Her boots AND hair matching the bouquet was totally unplanned. We weren’t even planning on showing the shoes but as soon as she put them on, we knew they had to be a focus.

    I wish you guys could see the “behind the scenes action” that went into lighting these candles in New Mexico wind. It took a village.

    Golden hour!

    How CUTE is this clear sign? The concept, the quote, the color. All of it.

    These hexagon, marble place cards. Not only are they super unique and modern but they also double up as coaster favors for guests! Also made by Letters and Such.

    Letters and Such also does custom envelope calligraphy for invitations! This definitely adds personal, elegant touch.

    This gorgeous invitation was made by our event planning sister company, Elegant Events.

    Yes, this whole shoot took place at an abandoned gas station off the side of the highway.

    Get this look here: Drunk on Decor

    This setup was absolute perfection.

    We wish everyone could taste this cake. This is definitely a chocolate lovers dream come true. The richness of the chocolate was paired perfectly with a raspberry filling. Meagan (co-owner of Indulgence) outdid herself!

    This collaboration couldn’t have gone any better. As always, we are super thankful for all the vendors/models that participated. We absolutely love our vendor community in Las Cruces. We are all here to help each other succeed and it really shows when we can come together and make magic like this happen!

    Vendor Information

    Photographer: Jazmine Rubio Photography

    Design and Styling: Drunk on Decor

    Cake: Indulgence Bakery and Cafe

    Dress: Allure (available at Renee’s Bridal Boutique)

    Sign and Calligraphy: Letters and Such

    Invitation: Elegant Events

    Female Model: Whitley Newberry

    Male Model: Derek DaSilva

    Tux: Jim’s Formal Wear (available at Renee’s Bridal Boutique)

    MUA: Whitley Newberry

    Hair: Ashley Apodaca

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    Bridal Color Inspiration: Romantic Mountain Styled Shoot

    Mountains, snow, whiskey, and fire. Add 11 local vendors and you have the perfect styled shoot. We are obsessed with this collaboration and even more obsessed with how beautifully Brittany Miller Photography and Palamora Events were able to capture simple, cozy love.

    Allure Bridal:
    A-line tulle gown, lace bodice, with beaded belt.

    For this shoot we took a traditional a-line tulle gown and toned it down with a neutral, cozy sweater. Of course, it wouldn’t be New Mexican without a Squash Blossom necklace. (sweater and necklace available at Turquoise Teepee)

    We love the color pallet that was chosen for this set up. Slate, peach, fern, reds, and metallics! It couldn’t of come together any better.

    When it comes to a wedding, it is okay to think outside the box and use several colors. The pink accent chairs are bold, yet subtle enough to allow the mixture of other colors and textures. Red was the perfect pop of color seen throughout. All brought together beautifully with sheer, slate drapery. You can rent these pieces through Knox Auctions.

    Can we talk about floral! As always, Calhoun Flower Farms did it again! A mixture of garden roses, blush stock, carnations, kale (yes, kale) eucalyptus, creosote and statice adorned this shoot. Floral is where you can really get creative with color. Opposed to fabric, flowers are light and add the perfect texture to any setting. 

    How cute is Susanna? Your local New Mexican flower farmer!

    This cute little basket included a bath bomb by Of the Oak and soap from New Mexico Soap. If you know good soap, you’ll love New Mexico Soap.

    Of the Oak makes all the goodness for your body. From lip balms, to deodorant, beard oil, bath soaks, to all the things apothecary.

    How good do these chocolate covered biscochos look?! Kudos to Amber Alvillar, 5th generation and owner of “Mi Abuelita’s Biscochos.” (You can get your hands on these here)

    Other small deets included these super cute greeting cards from Priq Candle Co. All hand-painted, all local. If you love these, you’ll also love her vegan candles! You can purchase here.

    Whiskey courtesy of Dry Point Distillers.

    We love how metals were used to add the perfect touch to this setup. Mixing metals is always okay as long as they’re combined with softer textures to balance them out. Velvet, wool, and mohair are just a few examples of textures that let metallics contrast and stand out on their own.

    You can’t even tell the snow is there from all the cozy feels this gives you.

    Beanie was custom made by Rae Handmade.

    Makeup was done beautifully by Emily Lynn

    Hair was elegantly styled by Brittany Evans.

    What a good looking bunch!

    When great people come together, they make magic. Again, thank you or letting us be a part of this wonderful collaboration. We look forward to many more!

    Vendor info:

    Photographer: Brittany Miller Photography

    Videographer: Palamora Events

    Florist: Calhoun Flower Farms

    MUA: Makeup By Emily Lynn

    Hair Stylist: Brittany Evans

    Biscochos: Mi Abuelita’s Biscochos

    Clothing/Accessories: Turquoise Teepee

    Rentals/Styling: Knox Auctions

    Greeting Cards: Priq Candle Co.

    Soap: New Mexico Soap

    Whiskey: Dry Point Distillers

    Knitted Hat: Rae Handmade

    Wedding Dress: Allure Bridals

  • Vendor Spotlight

    Vendor Spotlight: Cellist Ryan Smith

    Have you ever pictured what kind of music you’ll be walking down the aisle to? Or what will be playing at your reception before your grand entrance? Whether you envision something classy and elegant or upbeat and fun, Ryan Smith is the man for the job. “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys? “Fools Rush In” Elvis? John Legend? The Beatles? Ryan Smith can do it all. (Click here to listen to a few popular choices.)

    We had the pleasure of meeting Ryan at our Traveling Trunk Show and we immediately fell in love with his music. You’re probably thinking, “how does a one man band have such a broad repertoire?” Ryan, actually uses accompaniment music to complement his live cello. And guess what? He makes all the accompaniment music too. If that’s not talent!

    Aside from being an incredible musician, Ryan is also super personable, charming and fun to be around. He kept us laughing the whole time as he fulfilled all of our crazy requests. Some of which included, Led Zeppelin and “Africa” by Toto. The genuine excitement and passion written all over his face as he plays, speaks for itself.

    Below you can find a little more insight on Ryan Smith, our favorite cellist.

    How long have you been a musician?
    25 years 

    What services do you offer?
    Solo cello or cello with accompaniments for weddings and reception (cocktail hour or dinner.) Surprise engagements are also available – I would love to provide the soundtrack to such an amazing moment, especially if I was heard but not seen. Would be so fun!

    What got you started in the industry? 
    I started playing weddings starting in middle school, in the mid-1990s, as our orchestra teacher’s string quartet was comprised of students. He set a great example of professionalism, focus, and reverence. As an adult, I played in a violin/cello wedding duo while living in Florida, and we had a fun time occasionally playing Traditional music. Still working in my corporate job, I posted an ad on Craigslist for solo cello for weddings. I was taken by the magic of weddings, and the music was a total success! 
    In 2017, I left my career to go full-time as a cello soloist for weddings back in my home state and my college town, Albuquerque. 

    What does Ryan like to do in his spare time? Hobbies, interests?

    I’m a big fan of stand-up comedy and theater, and hanging out in a brewery for a beer or two, especially if there is music happening. My other love is nature. I often go to the Rio Grande to relax and take in the beauty, it’s like a sanctuary to me. And I camp all over the state, enjoying scenery of deserts and mountains and hot springs! 

    What is the most rewarding part of what you do?
    To hear from couples the joy and beauty they experienced in one of their biggest lifetime moments speaks to the very magic of music. It’s humbling and incredible to be a music maker. It’s rewarding to see their smiles! 

    Can you recall a time when you had a chaotic event? If so, how did you get through it?
    Years ago, I was playing cello in a garden for a backyard party. I had a book of music and the wind starting randomly turning pages every 10 seconds or so. It’s all about staying calm and staying with the music; even if you have to improvise. Also, plenty of music clips are important outdoors. Today: I have a standard equipment bag I take everywhere. Music clips for windy days, a stand light for darkness, an extra bow, strings, and many more backup plans. Everything has gone as planned so far, but preparation is key, especially for a soloist.

    To what do you attribute your success?
    My musical experience with different instruments and genres for 25 years and bachelors degree in music (classical cello) from UNM are foundational to my “can play just about any kind of music” scenario. 
    What I think has really connected is my genuine desire to provide a customized and friendly service, with elegant music that has emotional and romantic depth. Also, offering gift music (explained in detail on my website) really completes the picture of my business: the music I play is chosen especially for each wedding and my true desire is to bring music that my clients will always remember.  I hope that I am putting the iPod out of business one wedding a time!

    What sets you apart from others in your area of business?

    Playing an instrument over accompaniment tracks was obviously not my idea, but I’ve never seen it done for weddings. The variety of sounds this enables sets me apart from a fully-live ensemble. (Harps, pianos, guitars, organs, marimbas, orchestras, and many more). My style of performing popular songs on cello has only a few influences from other string players who are doing this, and I feel it is often more understated than typically heard. My influences are singers like Adele and Eddie Vedder who tend to perform with a wide range of power and loudness. I think it lends itself well to the emotions of weddings, for both guests and the couple. The music breathes. Lastly, all of my arrangements are original and accompaniments are crafted in my studio.

    If someone were wanting to book you for their special day, how far in advance would they have to do it?

    A full year is the best bet, and I’m booking thru 2020. With many people booking musicians later in the planning process, I still have many openings in 2019, so check with me if interested! 

    Are you flexible with traveling for a wedding?
    I love to travel. I’m based in Albuquerque so I’ve set up pricing where central New Mexico (Abq/SF) is free, and gas reimbursement rates apply further out of town. Las Cruces is $100, Taos is $75. 

    What are the most requested songs?

    Perfect, All of Me, I can’t help falling in love, hallelujah

    What has been your most “out of the box” request?

    Not one but two songs to be specially made for dogs walking into the wedding. The cutest Pomeranian I’ve ever seen walked in to Eye of the Tiger and a regal Shiba Inu walked in to I Wear My Sunglasses at Night. They were both my arrangements/recordings resembling full rock/dance bands, a departure from my norm for weddings. It was a super silly moment in the middle of an otherwise highly reverent and magical outdoor wedding. 

    Any tips or advice you would give to a bride and groom when in search of a musician for their wedding?

    I would recommend first deciding on what style they want, which may be Classical or popular songs, or maybe a few Traditional songs. There are many great instruments for a wedding, I would say: pick your favorite! Also, I would suggest deciding if they have any song(s) they definitely want, and determine if the musician knows it or will learn it. I would recommend lastly finding a musician who plays with a passion and excitement that you feel when you hear the music. The genuine involvement will bring more life to your wedding from the moment your guests start arriving.

    So, if you’re looking for a musician that will go above and beyond to plan, create, and perform the perfect compilation for your special day, Ryan Smith is the man for the job!

    For booking and inquiries:

    Email: ryansmithcellomusic@gmail.com

    Phone Number: (505) 274-0814

    Instagram: rsmithcellomusic

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    Traveling Trunk Show

    As a lot of you  may know, we are starting off the new year by packing our store up and heading up to Albuquerque. This will be our second annual show and we could not be any more excited! So what can you expect at our show? We’ll give you a few details of the day.

    When and where? Isleta Resort and Casino 
    11000 Broadway Blvd SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87105

    Saturday, January 12th from 10AM-5:00PM

    Sunday, January 13th from 10AM-3PM

    Yes, we are literally packing up our store and taking it with us. We want to give our future bride-to-be’s the same experience they would get when coming to our shop. That means all the variety we can possibly offer at a traveling show. 

    There will be privacy. When you think of a trunk show you might think of it being out in the open. We will have a whole ballroom to ourselves equipped with dressing rooms. 

    We will have sales. Our sale gowns start at 35% off and go up to 80% off depending on the style. All stock pieces AND reorders will also be on sale.

    Great Prices. Overall, we can guarantee you will find the gown of your dreams at an unbeatable price. Uh, yeah. We are that confident.

    Personal experience:  We ask our brides to book appointments in advance to create the best personal shopping experience. You are more than welcome to bring friends and family as you would at our store. We are taking appointments through January 10th, but don’t wait too long. Spots are filling up quickly.

    Size variety is no problem. We pride ourselves on being the only boutique in our area specializing in plus size weddings gowns. So yes, we have a wide range leading up to sizes in the 30’s. You can shop comfortably knowing there WILL be something for you.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    Call to book your appointment. (575)521-0872

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    Styled Shoot: White Sands Wonderland

    We started off with just two main ideas in mind: White Sands and a cape. The rest was magic. We immediately knew the perfect photographer for this shoot. The lovable, Sarah Lotus. Learn more about her and her photography here. This girl is so cool and so full of energy all the time, that you wouldn’t imagine she is a full time nurse (uh, yeah how crazy is that?) Next, was reaching out to our model, Skye Weatherly. We have been wanting to collaborate with her for a long time and plans never seemed to align. The universe was obviously waiting for this moment! Ms. Tiffany Martinez came on board to work her makeup magic. Her too; super sweet, down to earth, and definitely knows her stuff. 

    Dive right in…

    We decided to use this beautiful Allure gown. 
    This gown features elegant beaded embroidery with a sheer illusion bodice leading to an A-line skirt. 
    We wanted to keep it super simple. With the only pop of color being her lip color and the bouquet.  You already have a beautiful backdrop, why add anything else?
    This is where everything really started coming to vision. Sarah and Skye worked so great together!
    Where did we find such a cool cape you might ask? In the middle of 100 alterations, Roxanne (owner of Renee’s Bridal)  literally whipped it up in less than and hour. AND just like that, we are now in the cape-making business. If that’s not a boss move, I don’t know what is. 
    Can we talk about this fierce smokey eye/dark lip combo? LOVE
    The bouquet pictured was also made in-house. White Sands has strong regulations against bringing live plants on to the grounds and of course, we very much wanted to respect that.
    Lashes for days!
    Skye says she normally doesn’t like smiling in pictures, but doesn’t she have a gorgeous smile!
    The rest of the shoot was all fun and games
    This shot was ALL Skye’s idea and she KILLED it. All she needed was a cigarette and a cool leather jacket.
    Okay. So Skye was such a champ. By this time, the sun was gone and it was freezing. You could never tell by looking at these pictures, right?

    Thank you so much ladies for bringing our vision life. It was an honor working with such a strong-spirited group of women. Even better, everyone collaborated so well. We look forward to many projects to come!

    Photographer: Sarah Lotus Photography 

    Makeup: Tiffany Martinez 

    Model: Skye Weatherly

    Dress: Allure Bridals (available at Renee’s Bridal)